Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway: Bad Idea tshirt

A girl can NEVER have too many tshirts, ESPECIALLY snarky ones! So I was BEYOND thrilled when my girl J at BB & B listed the giveaway for bad idea tshirts. Per any normal giveaway entry you are supposed to browse the stock and pick your favorite one! Oh gosh I fell in love with so many I didn't know where to start. Of course the political tees were some of my faves.

The one on the left ended up being my choice.

So if you love politically incorrect tees go see J HERE to enter. On 9/9 a winner will be chosen to win a RANDOM (oh boy that's fun) tee of their size choice!

Giveaway: Lisa Leonard designs

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a jewelry addict. (everyone: hello ashley). Okay there I admit it, I am addicted to jewelry and especially one of a kind pieces.

So when I saw in my email that New Age Mama was having a Lisa Leonard giveaway I was delighted! Her pieces are just gorgeous, and I bet any woman in your life would love to have one. I absolutely fell in love with so many necklaces. The corner heart necklace is my favorite!

Be sure to visit New Age Mama to enter this giveaway. Multiple extra entries until 9/13 when you have you chance to win $50 gc to Lisa leonard!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway blitz: Patriotic Pillow pet

Okay another great giveaway brought to you by New Age Mama! I had to share this because I have a little story about Reagan and pillow pets. I tried the bribe trick with her to get her to stay in her bed at night, it worked for a bit and after 7 sleeps she got a dora umbrella. A week or so passes by and she sees a pillow pet commercial while watching Dora (good marketing pillow pet peeps) and she runs up to me VERY excited and says "Mommy if I sleep in my bed ALLLLL night you can buy me a pillow pet". Muhahahaha the kid is too smart for my own good. OBVIOUSLY this didn't happen but she would be thrilled to have a pillow pet.

This is a special Patriotic Pillow pet giveaway. And if you know me Patriotism should be my middle name! Everytime you purchase the patriotic pillow pet $5 will be given to the scholarship fund for military children (everyone this is a great cause!!) more details can be found here. The giveaway ends on August 6th!!

Giveaway blitz: Affordable Scarves

Ever since I started my blog giveaway madness (Okay true I took a hiatus, but I'm back) I have LOVED affordable scarves! I am actually surprised I haven't broken down and bought a few, but it always slips my mind!!

So I was naturally thrilled when I ran across all the great giveaways at the New Age Mama blog. Not only is she trendy and hip she has a great summer giveaway event going on!

Here is the good stuff, you can enter to win an affordable scarf of your choice right HERE . There are so many to choose from! Lately I have been in an orange phase so I chose the orange pashmina. It's bright and cheery but will be great for fall! You have until 8/20 to enter and there are many bonus entries!! US residents only!