Monday, January 24, 2011

A case of the Mundays

After some delightful rangtang vodka saturday night, a roller coster of a conversation until 3 am and overly productive Saturday afternoon I made the executive decision that I would stay in bed all day yesterday. Of course getting up to get Diva lunch and snacks or change the channel to something she wanted to watch. Luckily with little begging she thought it would be fun to snuggle up with Mommy in her bed and watch one of the many tween shows on tv, precisely one hour into that fun we were both napping.

That was yesterday, and this is today. Should have returned to work but the evil weather/car/ruin your life gods had other plans. I just bought a "new to me" car in December as my last car was in the repair shop more than I am in the shoe store. (okay maybe I exaggerate) Sure enough today I go to start it and nothing. After lots of phone calls, father, work, dealer, repair dealer, AAA it is on its way to be diagnosed and ruin my life for the next week until I find something else to immediately be pissed about.

Is it wrong I now have the same plans as yesterday? Except I will probably do some laundry and maybe bake something with the Diva to keep her entertained. But as always I am counting down the hours until I can bribe her into a nap. Until then it's me, my cozy bed and trashy tv!