Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of blogging challenge- Day 4

Day 4- A habit you wish you didn't have

(and yes, I know I am late...I'll make up for it somewhere)

I am an overthinker, I can what if all day in certain scenarios. Especially troubling for new relationships, I guess I need a lot of reassurance at first. I am not as bad as I used to be, but I rather not go into this in detail. Not something I really feel like sharing extensively!

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Blogging challenge- Day 3

Day 3- A picture of you and your friends!

This is so hard so I picked a few that were readily available on my desktop
My college girls! I'm in the blue and the girl in the pink was my roomate freshmen year and we are still great friends!!

Another college friend, we became friends when she came to the "fort" we built in our dorm. She was my partner in crime! For the record we are at an 80's wedding here!

Halloween 2011 with my fave hometown gals!

Girl's night out with my co-workers who make me laugh everyday.

The day my best friend got married! Isn't she gorgeous? And I got to be her MOH.

More with my co-workers this summer at Celtic Festival. The girl in my orange is my twinfriend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Blogging challenge- Day 2

Day 2- The meaning behind your blog name

I am a very detail oriented person and talk a lot, sure sometimes I'll skip the small stuff but other times it is actually REALLY important you know the crazy solicitor at work had bright green mermaid eye shadow and pig tails.

I live in Ohio, so there is the midwest part of it. A midwest girl who rambles a lot.

As for the rest, I like to keep things simple. It seems there is less drama that way. I am 100% snarky, so if there is an issue with deciphering sarcasm on your end we probably won't get along well because you probably think I am mean. Finally satisfying, I like to leave others satisfied including those things they read or discover.

I have been contemplating a name change though, still under wraps!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 days of blogging challenge- Day 1

So on a whim I decided to follow in the footsteps of Sassy Mama in LA and try the 30 days of blogging challenge. As you can tell I really only blog about giveaways, and I will probably be good at this at first and I'll get distracted! I have self diagnosed myself with internet A.D.D. oooo shiny thing, shiny thing!

Okay so Day 1 is: Recent picture of yourself and 15 facts

**the picture above is from Halloween and I'm on the left!! If you don't get it, I'm one of those annoying family stickers you see on the back of cars (sorry I hate those)

1. Halloween is now my 2nd fave holiday. I have developed an obsession with witches, hey after all they have the BEST shoes out of all the Halloween characters.

2. Christmas would be my FAVE holiday we put up 2 big trees a small tree, and last year I put up a full size tree at work. That makes 3.5 trees put up and decked out in a week!

3. I LOVE shoes, it is a serious obsession, I have bought 7 pairs in the past 2 months....oops.

4. I am OCD about how I fold towels, HAS to be the tri fold.

5. My biggest pet peeve is the speed of windshield wipers, has to match the speed of the rain or snow.

6. I am best friends with half the people I work with, not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

7. I LOVE politics, I get all kinds of crazy obsessed, foam at the mouth during campaigns. Election day is like the freakin superbowl for me.

8. I invented the term intellect porn (or so I say) as I am more likely to mull you down in a passionate rage if you can have a nerd inspired convo with me. (Iporn for short)

9. I'm writing a book with my work husband, I should probably contribute to that more often.

10. I SERIOUSLY believe in my horoscopes, I read and check my daily horoscope on my phone, and they are seriously accurate.

11. I recently went through a SERIOUS life change, I have made a lot of POSITIVE changes.

12. I love to bake and cook, I wish I could just do that all day. I am a Betty Crocker protege!

13. I have an over abundance of friends named Sara(h).

14. I have guy humor and a very sarcastic personality, why am I still single? I am a serious great catch!

15. Finally, I always get complimented on how well I am "put together" in regards to accessorizing, BY MEN!! Seriously, the shoe and jewelry obsession pays off. Honestly, it is one of the best compliments someone can give me. Don't get me wrong I love my sweats!

2 great giveaways for YOU!! (Adult)

So the Holiday's are around the corner and I can't think of a better way to relieve the stress of it all than in the bedroom! Whether by yourself or with a partner these are 2 giveaways you cannot pass up!

First visit my fave gal Boobies and enter to win a Pirate vibe. She says you definitely won't be disappointed. The giveaway makes me laugh as when it was "talk like a pirate day" we found a pirate name generator at work to figure out our pirate names. A friend's name had swallowing in it, so we shortened it to "Arghhhh swallowin". This ends on 11/23. Btw, it's Boobie's bday month so look for other great giveaways!

Then hop on over to Scandal in the Choir loft to enter her 200 follower giveaway. Don't be shy now! She keeps it real over there! Lucky for you she is giving away not one but TWO amazing prizes!! You can win a liberator posh throw or the liberator wedge. I have had my eye on that wedge for a long while now, just haven't wanted to throw down the money for it! Enter this giveaway now before it ends on 11/20!

There ya have it ladies, a little pre holiday present for yourself!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giveaway: In Honor of the Tata's Great prizes

The start of a great blog giveaway at Boobies, Babies & a Blog!! You can enter to win a Charm Factory awareness bracelet along with other great prizes.

All the entries for this event are rafflecopter, making it very easy plus each blog has a link to all the other blogs participating!

Go see Boobies to enter to win this great prize along with eden fantasies, cupcake cuties and fantasy jewelry!

Giveaway: 2 days left, Great Prizes

As I am entering these giveaways I have noticed that Freschetta is a BIG sponsor of many of them. They will donate up to $50,000 to Sloan-Kettering Medical center.

At Sarah's blog of fun you can enter to win a Freschetta prize pack. In addition to the other great prizes! This includes a coupon for a free pizza and 2 earbuds in pink. Now how great is this? You can keep one and share one with a friend. Or you can leave one at the office and one at home. Hey they also make great stocking stuffers

REmember you only have until 10/24 to enter!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giveaway: Blog hop continues

Since I find myself at home on Saturday I am checking out all the great prizes that are offered on the Honor the Tata's blog hop!! This one is definitely worth checking out, not only are you bound to win a great prize....there are so many awesome and informational blogs out there.

Oh and did I mention fun? Check out Sarah's blog of fun to win some great prizes:
  • tata tattoo
  • freschetta pizza pack
  • tank top
The sweet thing is that the top winner gets all 3, and another 4 will get the tata tattoo. Hop on over to check those out on her blog because I'm not gonna lie I would be so happy with just that, kinda fun to spice things up!!

Ends 10/24 like all the others YO!

3 days left for this GREAT giveaway!

Hurry hurry! Only 3 days left for you to enter the Save the Tata's giveaway event at Boobies!

Remember you could win one of 4 prizes, or if you are lucky more than one. Now how awesome would that be?

One prize is a $25.00 gc for Fantasy Jewelry box, with so many items to choose from you will surely find something! I am a serious ring junkie, there are so many to choose from. I love this turquoise one!

dont' forget this ends in 3 days!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Giveaway: Win one of 4 prizes

One of my fave bloggers Boobies, Babies & a Blog is doing the mother of all giveaways in honor of the Save the tata's month!!

She has teamed up with other bloggers to do some fab giveaways, this stuff is too good to pass up. You have probably seen the companies before, they are probably your faves and you probably enter the giveaways for them any chance you get.

  • Awareness bracelet from Charm factory
  • Cupcake cuties breastcancer awareness kit
  • Fantasy jewelry box $25 gc
  • Eden fantasy's $55.00 gc
But hurry this is only going on until 10/25! Be sure to check back I am sure she has some other fab stuff.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giveaway: Pearl Paradise

What lady doesn't love jewelry? I'm not a big pearl person, but I surely won't pass up a deal when I see one! I have entered many Pearl Paradise giveaways with no luck. Maybe this will turn it around. They do have some gorgeous items! This is one of my faves (above)

Visit Menopausal New Mom to enter for your chance to win a bracelet from Pearl Paradise! Multiple ways to enter and ends on 10/26!

Giveaway: Alexa's Angels necklace

About a year ago I was determined to win a piece of Alexa's Angels jewelry! I was so happy to see a recent giveaway for it!

Menopausal New Mom has some great giveaways going, the best part is that you aren't signing up to win a box of granola bars. I mean that's great and all but she has high end, worth your time giveaways!

The great thing about Alexa's Angels is that their jewelry has a great meaning and story behind it! You can enter now to win your very own piece! Hurry you only have until Oct. 19!

Giveaway: Naturalizer shoes!!!!

ATTENTION PLEASE!!! Shoe giveaway........HOOOORAY!

It is your chance to win your choice of Naturalizer shoes from Thanks, Mail Carrier. Seriously, how many times have you wanted to hug your mail person because they have delivered your prize winning giveaways!!

Go check out the giveaway here! You have until November 3rd, but there are already A LOT of entries!!

Giveaway: Mixer

Oh boy it's been a hot minute since I have blogged or posted about a giveaway. I hope I can be better about it all going forward. Basically I did a big life re-evaluation and that sucked out all my energy, but it was the best thing I could have done.

Anyway moving along I found a great new blog, Life is a Sand Castle. Immediately I got excited because she is giving away a Rival Hand mixer. I SOOOO soooo need this! We have a kitchen aid but sometimes I don't want to get that giant thing out. Our handmixer now has 1 of the spindle things, JUST is so annoying! Anyway checkout the mixer giveaway, best wishes!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Giveaway: Essential Swimwear

Hey ya all this kinda a 2 for 1 deal!!

BB&B is having yet another fabulous giveaway just in time for summer. If you are anything like me you are dieting and working out in preparation to show your stuff at the pool. (might I add break up diet is amazing for this). Essentially there is a month or so until it's GO TIME.

Be sure to check out her latest giveaway: Essential Swimwear! One lucky lady will win the swimsuit of her choice, and they have so many flattering styles I am sure you can find something. This ends 5/17. This would also be a good time to give my own little PSA: WEAR SUNSCREEN, YOU, YOUR KIDDOS, YOUR MAN, EVERYONE!!!

Oh and the 2nd fab part, check out Essential Swimwear's blog to win a $15.00 credit towards a swimsuit of your choice. Ends 5/10.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Minute Giveaway: $50 Gift card to Thongs and More

Continuing with sharing the love from Jen and her blog Love me or hate me! I have entered a lot of undies giveaway in my time as a giveaway addict. But this one for sure is the best one I have seen, usually you can win a $20 or $25 gift card which is great and all but......

Now is your chance to win a $50 gift card to Thongs and More!! And their website has some pretty hot items ladies! So head on over to check out Jen's birthday giveaway for the $50 gift card!

Last Minute Giveaway: Babeland Toys Gift Card

I'm pretty sure the title explains it all! Just discovered another fab female blogger over at Love me or Hate me. Right now she is doing a blog birthday giveaway, how awesome is she to give away stuff for HER birthday??

But you have to hurry!! Go check out one of my favorites a $25 gift card to Babeland toys. What you could purchase from babeland is endless! And let's face it now is the time to buy something for yourself if you had an extra disappointing Valentine's day or to pass the time until Spring is here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Giveaway: Get in the Kitchen Bitches cookbook

In case you don't know I LOVE to cook and bake. I am fairly independent woman, but I suppose I could be considered a bit of a stepford wife when it comes to the kitchen. As my boyfriend would say, "Ash + flour + yeast + 350 degree oven = happiness". It couldn't be more true I pretty much will go to all lengths to make the best dish that will wow your tastebuds, and I am always disappointed when something isn't as great as I thought it would be.

So I was thrilled when I found this Get in the Kitchen Bitches cookbook! Finally something as snarky and amazing as myself! The first line on their website say sit all I am an honest person but I am also mean. Hello bitch books, have we met? I think a lot of people mistake honesty with being mean, so put on your big girl panties I am just telling you the truth!

But on with the fun, be sure to pop over to Life with the Dietrich's to check out out her review and enter to win your very own copy of this amazing book! She has a pretty sweet blog and lots of awesome giveaways. There are lots of ways to enter and it ends on 2/19!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A case of the Mundays

After some delightful rangtang vodka saturday night, a roller coster of a conversation until 3 am and overly productive Saturday afternoon I made the executive decision that I would stay in bed all day yesterday. Of course getting up to get Diva lunch and snacks or change the channel to something she wanted to watch. Luckily with little begging she thought it would be fun to snuggle up with Mommy in her bed and watch one of the many tween shows on tv, precisely one hour into that fun we were both napping.

That was yesterday, and this is today. Should have returned to work but the evil weather/car/ruin your life gods had other plans. I just bought a "new to me" car in December as my last car was in the repair shop more than I am in the shoe store. (okay maybe I exaggerate) Sure enough today I go to start it and nothing. After lots of phone calls, father, work, dealer, repair dealer, AAA it is on its way to be diagnosed and ruin my life for the next week until I find something else to immediately be pissed about.

Is it wrong I now have the same plans as yesterday? Except I will probably do some laundry and maybe bake something with the Diva to keep her entertained. But as always I am counting down the hours until I can bribe her into a nap. Until then it's me, my cozy bed and trashy tv!