Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Blogging challenge- Day 3

Day 3- A picture of you and your friends!

This is so hard so I picked a few that were readily available on my desktop
My college girls! I'm in the blue and the girl in the pink was my roomate freshmen year and we are still great friends!!

Another college friend, we became friends when she came to the "fort" we built in our dorm. She was my partner in crime! For the record we are at an 80's wedding here!

Halloween 2011 with my fave hometown gals!

Girl's night out with my co-workers who make me laugh everyday.

The day my best friend got married! Isn't she gorgeous? And I got to be her MOH.

More with my co-workers this summer at Celtic Festival. The girl in my orange is my twinfriend!

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